I have been a successful user of Reiki for many years and recently came across a new and brilliant training system for people to learn Reiki at home, that I highly recommend. However, first here is a little introduction to Reiki…

What is Reiki energy?

Reiki energy is known as… Continue reading

Good Yoga Mats For Beginners

How to go about choosing a good Yoga mat for a new Yoga practitioner. Yoga mats come in different weights, thickness and construction material. Continue reading

Pilates – The Basics:

The Pilates exercise and training system is a popular fitness program that is known to focus on stretching, strengthening and balancing of the different areas of the body. Continue reading

The Best Yoga Beginners Books

When you are new to Yoga, sometimes it is a lot easier to flick through the pages of a book, when you want to look up a pose. Continue reading

Rodney Yee Yoga for Beginners:

Here is my review of this acclaimed Yoga DVD For beginners. It is so much easier to learn Yoga poses at your own pace, in your own home and without pressure. Continue reading

Intro To Beginners Yoga And Meditation:

Yoga refers to the unity of the body and mind and unity of the mind and soul. In Western cultures, people believed that gaps between the actual bodies and ideal bodies are increasing. This is because of two major reasons: lack of exercises and unhealthy diets leading to diabetes and obesity. Continue reading

Trying To Find Yoga Related Gifts?

What do Yoga lovers like to get given as gifts? Far from being difficult, as long as you know the person relatively well, you should be able to find an awesome Yoga related gift that they will love and treasure. Continue reading

Reviews of Best Yoga DVD For Beginners

A review of the best Yoga DVD beginners learn from. If you are wanting to learn how to do Yoga, then getting a Yoga DVD purposely designed for total beginners is a great way to start off. Continue reading

Different Meditation Techniques for Different Environments

There are people who have good sense of focus and concentration. They have the ability to stabilize their mind no matter what kind of environment they are in. However, there are also people who seem to be always disturbed. They can hardly concentrate, Continue reading

Try Guided Meditation For Grief And Loss

People go through a lot of problems over the course of their lives. Some of them find it easy to deal with such problems, but a great number of people can’t cope with the situation at all, and end Continue reading