Yoga Postures Poster:

Below are some great Yoga Poses Posters including some for children. Starting a yoga practice routine can be a challenge in itself, and a lot of people do not feel confident to go to a yoga class to learn. There is the option of  finding a good yoga posture chart or yoga exercises chart online and trying to learn yoga at home by yourself.

However, like anything it is always best to get professional help. Often it is not really possible to be able to tell if you are performing the yoga moves chart postures properly, and even gaining any benefit from them at all. There is also the strong possibility that the yoga poses are beyond your level of fitness. And you certainly do not want to injure yourself! You really should take time to learn the basics properly before you can move on to the more complicated poses that you will find on a yoga exercises chart.

However, it can be helpful to just see the different yoga poses that are used. And if you do end up taking a class, then yoga charts will help you to get your poses correct when working out by yourself at home.

Below are some of the great Yoga Postures Poster charts available online:

These first three are pretty neat as you can order them in a number of different sizes to specially fit your needs.


84 Yoga Asanas Poster

84 Yoga Asanas Poster

Core 26 Yoga Poster

Core 26 Yoga Poses Poster

Yoga Poses Poster

Yoga Poses Poster for Kids



 And more Yoga Poses Posters available below


Beginning Yoga Fitness Chart

Beginning Yoga Fitness Chart:

Customer review of this chart: Excellent says L. Sarver. I began a regimen of shiatsu and stretches to get rid of stiffness and back and muscle pains ..I felt as if I was 100 yrs old except 100 yrs old had more energy and could move faster than me, doctors gave up. Then someone suggested I visited a kinesiologist – wow he saved my life. (…) I was doing it 3X a day but needed to find something like this poster. I created a fitness healing room in my house and this yoga poster is just perfect. When I lay down I am able to see it BIG and COLORFUL from any distance. I love it! Now even my kids go in that room to do stretches. btw the ignorant that I was never realized stretches is the answer to every single thing wrong in your body, because the muscle if stiff pull on the skeleton. This is the reason I was suffering with anxiety, TMJ and pains all over my body because the spine was misaligned. But even if you go to the chiro if you don’t work on your muscles is not doing much and you will be visiting the chiro the rest of your lives. Good quality poster very satisfied with it


 100 Yoga Poses Chart  

Poster of 100 Yoga Poses:

Large colorful chart

Poster measures 24″x36″

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids poster

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids poster:

This is the perfect addition to the AWARD WINNING children’s book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. Children will not only learn the alphabet through this delightfully illustrated alphabet poster, but will also learn how to incorporate healthy activity into their daily lives.

Yoga Poses Poster - Tadasana to Savasana

Yoga Poses – From Tadasana to Savasana Educational Chart:

Measures 24.00 by 36.00 inches



If you would like to search for more posters, here are a few search terms that you can use in your search engine to find great yoga posture posters:

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However, please remember that it is not a good idea to start a yoga workout routine without first being taught properly. You do NOT want to inadvertently injure yourself.


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2 Responses to Yoga Postures Poster

  • Petta says:

    Great advice! People sometimes think they are capable of more than they actually are. it is a good idea NOT to just try and copy the poses on a Yoga Postures Poster, without understanding what you are doing!

  • Charmaine - Yoga Queen!!! says:

    Yes, I definitely agree with everything you say here.
    It is very easy for people who are beginning Yoga to injure themselves … and some of the poses on the Yoga postures poster charts can be the more difficult ones.